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Which Encoder do I Need?

The following guide will help you choose the right Encoder edition for your needs.

Website Owners: Basic, but consider Pro or Cerberus
To protect code related to configuration and customer data on your own website from those who have access, such as hosting company, admins, and hackers, the entry-level Basic version may suffice. The restriction features of Pro and Cerberus will be worth considering though.

Product Developers: Pro or Cerberus
Pro and Cerberus provide protection PLUS the ability to create license files for your products. License files can protect against unauthorised use by locking code to specific machines and can also time expire, which is ideal for releasing trial versions. The native licensing features offer benefits over PHP based licensing, and has features to support adding ones own licensing ideas on top.

Website Designers: Pro, consider Cerberus
As a designer, you may wish to provide early versions of your work to the client before completion. You want the code to run, but not forever. Pro and Cerberus allow you protect your files to expire at some point in the future, allowing clients to try protected code for a limited time.

Enterprise Customers: Pro or Cerberus + Standard/Premium Support
We would recommend Pro or Cerberus plus a support plan so you have code protection, you can restrict files to authorised machines, and you have access to support cover beyond the limited initial free support.

Continuous Integration: Pro and Cerberus CI Edition
The CI Edition suits users encoding as part of a CI pipeline, where flexibility of temporary machine licenses is beneficial. This product comes with 2 license slots, more can be purchased as required, and license activation and deactivation can be used to control a license at the start and end of session. License allocations are also released every 24 hours and can be activated for a new instance if a previous session failed before license deactivation.

Website Agency wanting to offer encoding as a service?
Please contact sales to ask about our Agency Edition.

Please view our product comparison for a summary and pricing.

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